Pieniny Ultra-Trail

from   2023-04-22    to   2023-04-22

Pieniny Ultra-Trail - your extraordinary running adventure in Pieniny Mountains. You may choose one of the eight courses at distances from the picturesque 6 km in the Little Pieniny Mountains to 95 km that require tremendous endurance...


  • Niepokorny Mnich (96 km) - registration is opened
  • Dziki Groń (65 km) - registration is opened
  • Wielka Prehyba (44 km) - registration is opened
  • Żwawe Wierchy (34 km) - registration is opened
  • Chyża Durbaszka (20 km) - registration is opened
  • Hardy Rolling (11 km) - registration is opened
  • Lubań Vertical (6,5 km) - registration from January 25, 2023 from 8 PM
  • Palenica Trail (5,7 km) - registration from January 25, 2023 from 8 PM

The event is based in ranges of Beskid Sądecki, Gorce and Pieniny Mountains.


Accomodation in the gym

Start    2023-04-21    16:00:00

Limit    2023-04-23    12:00:00

    Registration open.

Participants of the race are offered an accommodation in the gym next to Primary School. It is an accomodation in touristic conditions. If you're interested you'll need your own mattress…

Chyża Durbaszka

Start    2023-04-22    08:30:00

Limit    2023-04-22    13:30:00

    Registration open.

A picturesque route from Jaworki to Szczawnica through the White Water Reserve, the Rozdziela Pass and the entire ridge of the Little Pieniny Mountains. One strong ascent in the first…

Dziki Groń

Start    2023-04-22    06:00:00

Limit    2023-04-22    20:00:00

    Registration open.

Dziki Groń is a demanding, mountainous course running along tourist, courier and transfer trails and through the beautiful halls of the Little Pieniny Mountains with views of the Tatra Mountains…

Hardy Rolling

Start    2023-04-22    17:00:00

Limit    2023-04-22    20:00:00

    Registration open.

The intensive ascent begins 50 meters after the starting line, but is sprinkled with beautiful views and often accompanied by grazing sheep. The middle of the route runs along the…

Lubań Vertical

Start    2023-04-21    16:00:00

Limit    2023-04-21    18:30:00

    Registration open.

Lubań Vertical is a demanding and steep course, one of the toughest trails in the nearby mountains. The route leads along the green trail from Tylmanowa to the summit of…

Niepokorny Mnich

Start    2023-04-22    01:00:00

Limit    2023-04-22    20:00:00

    Registration open.

Niepokorny Mnich is one of the toughest ultra race in 100K category in Poland. The course runs along picturesque tourist and courier-transfer trails in the Gorce, Beskidy and Pieniny Mountains.…

Palenica Trail

Start    2023-04-22    09:30:00

Limit    2023-04-22    11:30:00

    Registration open.

Palenica Trail is a route of the Polish Championship in mountain running U18 and U20 - Junior Mountain Classic. The route leads along the hiking and cycling path along Grajcarek,…

Wielka Prehyba

Start    2023-04-22    09:00:00

Limit    2023-04-22    18:00:00

    Registration open.

A local classic. A distance similar to a marathon, but with almost 2,000 m of elevation. Start and finish in Szczawnica. The course makes a loop leading along the main…

Żwawe Wierchy

Start    2023-04-22    07:00:00

Limit    2023-04-22    15:00:00

    Registration open.

Strong uphill to the peak of Przehyba, then a downhill link between the ridge of the Beskid Sądecki and the Little Pieniny Mountains which is the most beautiful ridge on…