Biegi w Szczawnicy 2020

from   2020-11-14    to   2020-11-14

8th edition of "Biegi w Szczawnicy". You may choose 1 of 5 distansces, from challenging your strength and speed 11 km to the longest one (97 km) that will test every skill you have in stock... 


  • Niepokorny Mnich (97 km) - registration has ended.
  • Dziki Groń (64 km) - registration has ended.
  • Wielka Prehyba (43 km) - registration has ended.
  • Chyża Durbaszka (20 km) - registration has ended.
  • Hardy Rolling (11 km) - registration from 3rd of December, 8 pm

The comeptition is based on the terrain of Beskid Sądecki, Pieniny, and on both sides of the polish-slovakian border.


Accomodation in the gym

Start    2020-04-24    14:00:00

Limit    2020-04-26    10:00:00

    Registration finished.

Participants of the race are offered an accommodation in the gym next to Primary School. It is an accomodation in touristic conditions. If you're interested you'll need your own mattress…

Hardy Rolling

Start    2020-11-14    10:00:00

Limit    2020-11-14    13:00:00

    Registration finished.

Hardy Rolling is a 11 km mountain run with an elevation of 430 m. The course is very diverse, starts with a steep uphill, after 2,5 km it gets to…