Niepokorny Mnich

About course

97 km and +4100 m of ascent. Very demanding course that leads you along touristic trails and some old routes of the border couriers from I and II World War. Half the route is on polish and half on slovakian side of the border. In Slovakia it goes through National Park of Pieniny.

Distance: 96 km

Ascent/descent: + 4236 m, – 4236 m

Limit of participants: 300 people // 170 in additional registraion

Start: Szczawnica, Novembert 14, 2020 – 2:00/3:00 - in waves or intervals

Time limit: 17 h

Entrance fee: 52 euros (must be paid within 5 days from registration)


Start    2020-11-14     02:00:00

Limit    2020-11-14     20:00:00

   Registration finished.